The purpose of the new Antigua and Barbuda Contractor's Association is to spearhead improvement in the construction industry of Antigua and Barbuda and to seek to enhance the success and development of local contractors.

This entails the following objectives:

  1. Ensuring an improvement in the relationship between the Contractor, the Architect/Engineer, and the owner.
  2. Providing a better working relationship between the contractor and the Government Authorities.
  3. Providing, outside the law, a forum for project owners to address any grievances that they may have, from time to time, with any contractor.
  4. Providing a platform for contractors to have dialog amongst themselves on issues pertaining to the industry and to the country at large.
  5. Creating an organization that is united and cohesive, that would seek the interest of the contractors and express their collective opinions.
  6. Ensuring the implementation of the Contractors Registration Act by the relevant Government Authorities.

Issues that emerge in the regulation of the construction industry

  1. The registration of all contractors will be required. The general public will then have access to a registry of contractors.
  2. A National Apprentice Scheme should be implemented under the umbrella of the Contractor's Association, along with the Government and Unions.
  3. A National Grading Board will be established so that all trade persons could be graded. (Again, this board should have representatives from the Contractor's Association, the Government, and the unions.)
  4. Acceptable Productivity Standards must be established for all categories of workers.